Rome and Lazio Convention Bureau Announces New Board

Stefano Fiori is the new President of the Rome and Lazio Convention Bureau. This month, the offices were designated in the operational headquarters of the consortium company at the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Rome in Italy. The trade associations have reconfirmed their representation of the Board of Directors

At the presidency is the ambassador of Unindustria, Stefano Fiori. Daniele Brocchi, previously a delegate for Confesercenti as Director of the previous mandate, was appointed as Vice President.

Onorio Rebecchini was reconfirmed as Chairman for the 3-year period of the Rome and Lazio Convention Bureau and as a board member of the Federalberghi Roma. Claudia Maria Golinelli, the person in charge of Federcongressi & Eventi, is replacing Paolo Novi.

“I wish to thank Onorio Rebecchini and Paolo Novi for the path started together,” said Stefano Fiori, “The program [has] always [been] shared by all of us [on] the Board of Directors, [being] open to dialogue and to common development objectives of the meeting industry in the territory shall remain unchanged.”

“We are certainly in the most difficult time ever experienced by the sector,” added Fiori, “but we are convinced that our team will allow us to strengthen and meet the goals both nationally and internationally with important and concrete actions.”


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